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Frequently asked questions

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Garden Sharing is the portal dedicated to those who love tourism in freedom, travelling in a camper, caravan or even just with a backpack and a tent to pitch in a safe place, perhaps in the middle of nature.
Users can search for a space by setting the location, see the pictures and descriptions posted by the space owner, our Garden Sharers, evaluate the services offered and the activities in the vicinity of the area and book their pitch.
Garden Sharers can publish spaces such as a garden or land they own or a space with ready-made accommodation such as a tent, a bungalow, a tree house, at the price they prefer, or they can offer the possibility of an Experience. From painting or cooking classes to learning the basics of an ancient craft or simply offering a bike tour to see the beauty of the place, there are many activities that you can do on Garden Sharing!
Garden Sharers can provide a free space of their own where guests can set up their own tent or park their camper or caravan.
Garden sharers can also set up their own space complete with ready-to-stay accommodation, i.e. with a tent already erected, a camper van or caravan parked in the garden and not used, a yurt, a tree house...and leave room for the creativity of the garden sharers!
The price of the pitches are alwaysdecided by the Gardensharers, as well as the various services they can offer guests, be it a barbecue, a private or shared bathroom, an outside table and chairs, a swimming pool, etc...
  • Those who have a free space of their own and want to exploit it economically
  • .
  • Those who enjoy meeting and getting to know travellers, wayfarers and globetrotters
  • .
  • Those who own a caravan or camper van and want to make money from it even when they are not using it, using it as a ready-made accommodation
  • .
  • Those who do not have a website and want to publicise their space
  • .
  • Those who have an organised structure and want to expand their catchment area, advertising products and experiences through our portal.
  • Those who believe in sharing customs and traditions
  • .
  • Those who want to offer their know-how or share their knowledge of the area, making themselves available to tourists
  • .

  • Those who love free tourism, travelling in a camper, caravan or even just with a backpack
  • .
  • Those who want to stay away from the usual tourist circuits
  • .
  • Those who want privacy and social distance
  • Those who want to have new experiences
  • Those who want a cheap but unforgettable trip
  • Those who love tents but are tired of large traditional campsites
  • Caravanners who want to stay close to the centres of the cities they visit
  • .
  • Caravanners who want to get to know the culture, customs and people of the place
  • .
Signing up to Garden Sharing is completely free and you can do so by first clicking on ->Register and then clicking on "Become a Garden Sharer".
It is important to make a complete, well-edited, eye-catching advertisement that gives potential guests all the information about the space you are providing and the attractions of the location.
If you are already a licensed host, no problem with registration! Proceed in accordance with the laws that govern your activity. If you are a private individual, before registering, it is important for you to understand what the local laws are: some cities have laws that limit the possibility of hosting for short periods for a fee, and many others allow it. Please check with your local municipality beforehand to find out what their regulations are and welcome to Garden Sharing! However, we would like to inform you that by accepting our Termsand Conditions and by activating an advertisement, you declare that you are aware of and, therefore, comply with the regulations in your area.
You don't need to open a VAT number to make your space available and become a Garden Sharer, as long as you don't rent out more than 4 properties. In addition, as long as you do not exceed 30 consecutive days of renting to the same Guest, you can enjoy the benefits provided by the regime of short leases: so tax your income with a flat rate of 21% and not having to enter into or register any contract. For more information, we recommend that you contact the SUAP of your municipality or your accountant.
It is the Garden Sharer who decides on the price of the stay per night, highlighting the services he provides for guests free of charge and those for which there is a charge.
If you are ready to book an outdoor accommodation on Garden Sharing, you can send a booking request to the Garden Sharer.
To send a booking request:
  • Open the tab of the ad you are interested in
  • .
  • Select Check-in and Check-out dates, number of spaces desired and number of guests
  • .
  • Click on "Save"
  • .
  • Check the booking details to make sure everything is correct
  • .
  • Select your payment method from credit or debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Diners and click "Proceed"
  • .
  • Add payment details
  • .
  • Proceed by clicking "Confirm and Book"
  • .
  • Await for the confirmation email of your Garden Sharer booking
  • .
  • Payment will only be made once Garden Sharer has accepted your booking request
  • .
  •  If Garden Sharer declines your request, we will not charge you and you can look for alternative accommodation for the dates you have chosen
  • .
The total price paid for the booking includes the insurance service concerning: assistance and medical expenses during the trip, luggage and cover stay, all as better indicated in the insurance policy that you should read carefully:
When booking, it is essential that you enter the full and exact details of all those who will be travelling, only in this way can you activate the insurance policy if necessary!
In the event of a claim/event, you alone will be able to activate the insurance policy, at the times and in the manner indicated in the document provided in the link.

You can cancel a reservation before your trip, depending on the cancellation policy decided by the host.
. You can do this using the following procedure:

  • Complete the login
  • .
  • Go to the icon in the top right-hand corner
  • .
  • Select the entry My trips
  • .
  • Click on the booking you wish to cancel
  • .
  • Choose "Cancel reservation"

. If a guest cancels their booking outside of the timeframe indicated in the refund options chosen by the host, this shall result in the guest not being able to receive a refund

We remind you that the refund options that can be selected by the Garden Sharer are as follows:

  • Flexible: refund up to 2 days after check in
  • .
  • Moderate: refund up to 7 days from Check-in
  • .
  • Smart: refund up to 30 days after check-in
  • .
Rigid: no refund allowed
Leave a "review at the Gardensharer" after your stay! To do so, you can follow the steps below:
  1. Take the Login;
  2. .
  3. Go to "My Trips";
  4. .
  5. Click on "Past Journeys"
  6. .
  7. Click on "Leave a review" next to the advert you wish to review
  8. .
  9. Scroll down the listing's tab, and click on the "Leave a review" button below the photos
  10. .
You can review the Garden Sharer:
  • Assigning from 1 to 5 Stars based on Quality, Price and Service;
  • Entering your Name (Nickname);
  • Giving a Title to the review (Summary of your review);
  • Leaving a Review.
Your feedback and recommendations are very important to us! Write to us at
Please share your doubts with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible: