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Camping with children: what you need to know

The pleasure of camping with the family

Camping with the family is an experience to be lived intensely because it recalls the idea of ​​freedom and adventure and because it offers the unmissable chance to experience a life a little different from that of every day.

Adults disconnect from stress and children make friends with nature. But what are the advantages of a holiday immersed in beautiful natural scenery? And in order not to be caught unprepared, what to bring to the campsite to better enjoy your stay en plein air?

Here is a brief vademecum to start with the right spirit!

Children camping: fun and more

For small children, the campsite is a real school of life. The holiday in a tent offers hours of fun and realizes a unique opportunity to gain autonomy and increase self-esteem.

Camping children learn a lot: they experience the sense of sharing, set creativity in motion and understand the importance of respecting nature. Furthermore, when camping there is no shortage of opportunities to socialize with other children and the sleep-wake cycle is regularized. Nature then takes care of giving everything necessary to invent games and stimulate the imagination.

Teenage children camping: the value of friendship and respect for the rules
Adolescence is a difficult age. Camping is a great help in the growth path of children who are preparing to face important challenges, such as the beginning of a new course of study and the resolution of some practical problem without the help of mom and dad.

Life in the open air teaches the value of friendship, overcoming mistrust and living diversity as a resource. And, above all, the campsite teaches respect for some fundamental rules of common life: the sense of responsibility of the children manages, in this way, to prevail over their unnerving tendency to disobey.

What to take camping with the children?

Camping with children

A camping holiday is synonymous with essentiality: it is useless to leave too loaded. Better to leave your suitcases at home and give preference to backpacks and bags, which are roomy, comfortable to move and modular.

Whether you choose the sea or the mountains, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, pillows, camping beds for younger children and cots for older children, wire and pegs for hanging laundry, books and pegs are a must. party games, a first aid kit and a torch to make light at night.

Camping by the sea: here are the must-haves
To make children's beach holidays even more comfortable, it is a good idea to have a portable fridge in which to store food that does not tolerate high temperatures. Beach towels are essential on the beach, but also to encourage an afternoon nap or for moments of play on the green.

A gazebo or a veranda, a table, chairs and deck chairs for dining in the shade during the hottest hours and for relaxing in the evening are welcome. Better not forget sunscreen, after-sun, a specific sunburn cream and an anti-puncture lotion.

Camping in the mountains: what to pack

In the mountains, sudden rains and sudden drops in temperature are certainly no exception. To prevent the weather from ruining the holidays of young and old, it is sufficient to arrive at your destination with some warm clothing, as well as waterproof jackets and footwear.

If the little ones are particularly cold, a camping heater can come in handy. Since it takes up little space in the backpack, green light is also given to a plastic tarpaulin that can be used to protect camping equipment in case of heavy rain.

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