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Where to go by camper to the All Saints' Bridge

More and more people are choosing the camper for their holidays, even in the case of short-term stays. Whether you are planning a trip as a couple or with children, the motorhome offers you a freedom that you would hardly find in a hotel or rental house.

Which areas to visit during the All Saints' Bridge?

Although many people prefer to travel by camper in the summer, there are just as many who choose to travel by camper in the fall; during the autumn season the most popular period for this type of trip is certainly the All Saints' Bridge. Here is a brief overview of the most interesting destinations to discover by camper in the fall.


Southern Sicily: Ragusa and Noto

In 2002 the city of bridges, nickname of Ragusa, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its fascinating historic center in pure Baroque style. Here, in fact, there are some important civil and religious buildings, including the Cathedral of San Giovanni Battista and Palazzo Zacco. If you love nature and outdoor adventures then you cannot miss the numerous archaeological sites, including that of Monte Arcibessi, and the famous Giardino Ibleo.


Maremma Toscana: the thermal baths of Saturnia

For a holiday dedicated to wellness and relaxation you can opt for a visit to the famous Terme di Saturnia. Located in the municipality of Manciano, in addition to the actual thermal park you will also find a prestigious SPA and a golf resort.


Salento: Otranto, Galatina and Maglie

In Salento, three destinations that you cannot miss are the cities of Otranto, Galatina and Maglie. In Otranto, the ancient village awaits you, one of the most beautiful in Italy and a UNESCO heritage site, where the Cathedral of the Annunziata and Palazzo de Mori are located, but also several Masserie and the imposing Aragonese Castle.


Province of Viterbo: Bomarzo and Civita di Bagnoregio

Choosing the province of Viterbo as the destination of your camper or camping holiday you cannot miss the municipalities of Bomarzo and Civita di Bagnoregio. Bomarzo is particularly known for its extensive natural reserve of Monte Casoli di Bomarzo, where among other things there is also an interesting pyramid of Etruscan origin, and for the characteristic Parco dei Mostri, a natural complex in which several statues depicting monsters and fantastic and mythological animals.

Civita di Bagnoregio, on the other hand, is a hamlet immersed in the gullies that offers visitors breathtaking views. Inserted among the most beautiful villages in Italy, this hamlet also offers monumental attractions, such as the Church of San Donato, the Bishop's Palace and what remains of the birthplace of San Bonaventura. Its landscapes and its Etruscan and Roman charm have also made it the set of various cinematographic films.