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What is Glamping?

It comes natural to ask what Glamping is. The concept of vacation evolves, free time is dedicated to nature and uncontaminated relaxation. That's why you might choose it for your next camping trip.

Where does the term Glamping come from?

The word derives from the fusion of "glamor" and "camping". The new term actually encompasses the latest trend of camping holidays. Relaxation abandons the classic idea of ​​a luxury hotel and brings the passion for beauty directly into contact with the basic elements of nature. Going back to the origins, however, should not make you think of the classic camping. The tent becomes chic and houses all the comforts of a high-level hotel. In contact with nature, yes, but with the right style.

Where and when was it born?

The new fashion of luxury camping has been launched in England. Since 2005, the new concept has begun to appear in the panorama of alternative tourism. In reality, the practice has origins far more deeply rooted in history. As early as the 16th century, five-star camps were the way to organize special events in France and Scotland. The Ottomans also had the custom of bringing every comfort with them to their fields during war expeditions.

Why do Glamping

In addition to being an alternative experience to tell your friends, choosing a luxury holiday in a tent can be a way to embrace the eco-friendly style. The amenities integrate with the natural lifestyle. The ceiling is transformed into a starry sky and the walls into a curtain of other times. It thus becomes possible to realize the fantasy of a tree house or a gourmet dinner in the open air. Here are some of the reasons to get carried away by the concept of relaxation and pampering surrounded by nature.

Some examples of Glamping

Traveling in search of the new boundaries of luxury camping can be an experience that embodies the charm of the unthinkable. Comfort meets ecology to let yourself be infected by the desire to experience an unforgettable holiday. Going to the foothills of the Pyrenees, France can welcome you with luxury tents for the whole family, the classic tree house, swimming pool and football and volleyball fields. All without giving up the comfort of a hotel.

For everyone, Australia is home to dream beaches and crystal clear water. In this context it is possible to experience a safari-style holiday. In an unparalleled natural setting, the tents are raised on stilts to house the necessary for a luxurious stay. Everything is obviously powered by renewable sources, including the excellent gourmet restaurant where you can taste dishes inspired by local products.

In Slovenia the tent becomes a wooden structure in perfect ecological style. Luxury is lapped by the shores of Lake Bled. Here, slow living borders on magic. Mini chalets in larch house the bedrooms. The outside, on the other hand, has a romantic heated tub. Here are the ingredients for the perfect romantic holiday.

Glamping on Garden Sharing

Who said we have to go to the other side of the world to embrace this new type of experience? Garden Sharing can help you find the most suitable location to bring luxury with you to your tent. Sasso Marconi can be the starting point to approach this new camping philosophy. Enjoying the beauty of the botanical garden of Nova Arbora is certainly an experience that brings you closer to nature, being able to stay in comfortable tents and experience the return to origins can add the right amount of relaxation. Immersed in the natural reserve of the Pilocene Contrafforte, the place offers the possibility of bicycle excursions, a dip in the swimming pool and a holiday totally dedicated to relaxation.

Nuvolive is the name to remember for a stay of this kind in fascinating Sicily. In Castelvetrano, the campsite offers luxury tents within an exclusive area reserved for guests. Here relaxation meets excellent service from the staff to live a unique experience among the olive groves of the coastal strip a few kilometers from the sea. Enjoying the splendid sea, the culture of the Selinunte archaeological park and seeking the Arab imprint of the sweet Mazara del Vallo. This is also pampering yourself with glam-ping.