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Listing your space on Garden Sharing is free. We take only a small service fee on each reservation

You make money

You can earn money if you become a Gardesharer, if you host you can use extra income to fund your passions

You travel more as well

Welcome Hosts from all over the world, get to know them and share habits and traditions with them

What spaces can you LIST FOR RENT?

Space<br>for Tent

for Tent

List a Space where Hosts can set up their tent and sleep under the stars
Space for Tent<br>Vehicles or RVs

Space for Tent
Vehicles or RVs

List a Space where Hosts can camp with their Vehicles, RVs or Tent


Rent an accomodation ready such as a wooden house, a tree house or an already set-up tent!


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What does "Listing" mean?

"Listing" means any open-air area which can be used to set up a tent or park a vehicle, a campervan or a RV (such as a garden, a yard, a land that you cannot use) as well as an accommodation ready (an already set up tent, a yurt, a hut, a tree-house)

Who and when can book

You set the dates of availability of your Space and the Services, included in the rate you choose, that you want to offer to your Guests. and house rules for your listing. Calendar settings and the Service List, such as bathroom, lighting and electricity, can help make hosting easier.

What's in a Listing?

Give a title to your Listing, add the full address where your Space is located. Fill out a description, upload great (and realistic) photos, and pick a rent price per night. Don't forget to add all the available services. Your listing helps guests get a sense of what your place is like.

I'm not sure if my Listing is correct...

We've got tools and resources for you at any time: if you need to understand if and how your Space can be rent, for a tip on the rent rate or simply for advice about how to nicely welcome your Guests contact us and we'll be there to help you out.

What to do

when your space is booked

Guests find your Listing and book

When a Guest books your Space you’ll get a reservation confirmation

Plan for check-in

It's up to you to decide what to do to let your Guest access the Space where he or she will stay.  
Some Gardesharers meet Guests in person to show the camp space and give details about additional services but you can find different solutions. You choose what works for you.

Chat with your Guest

The private messate service helps you and your Guest to clarify any doubt regarding a booking. You can get to know each other and you can reply to his or her questions. 

and after the booking....

At last, welcome

Willkommen, benvenuti and welcome!

What language will your Guests speak? How would you like to welcome them? You decide you hosting style and what kind of advice you give to your Guests: you may want to tell them what area of your space is under the shadows, you can provide them with a map and suggest typycal dishes, good restaurants and how to get to the best places to visit. There are many ways to become a top Gardensharer and stand out of the crowd! 

How the payment works

Guests get charged when they book a Space and they pay via PayPal. Gardensharing holds your payment which will be sent 24 hours after your guest checks in. Remember that Gardensharing via PayPal handles also the refund policy. You can choose to set a flexible, a moderate or a flexible refund policy 

A nice camp site

Some Gardensharers arrange the Space they list in order to provide light, electricity and shadows. If you list an accomodation ready such as a campervan or an already set-up tent, clean it and let the Guests find it clean and welcoming. You can also leave a map of the area available or water available, there are many things that will improve the quality of the Guests' stay 

The ideal price for my Listing

We can give advice about the fair rate for your Space but what you charge - and what you consequently earn - is up to you. Remember that nice and confy spaces, including more additional services (such as lighting, electricity and easy access to the toilet) mean you can fairly apply a higher rent rate

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